EUC 2022


Wyndham Grand Hotel

Clearwater Beach, Florida

September 11 - 14

Session Topics


EPICS has so much to offer and a wealth of features and enhancements have been added in the past year. So there is much to discuss. See the topic list below..

Not finding a topic you are hoping to see? Let us know!

Session Topics

  • Your vision for the future of EPICS
  • New features added in 9.13, 9.14 and 9.15
  • EPICS Connect
  • Finishing enhancements
  • Reserves enhancements
  • Capacity Planning enhancements
  • User Field enhancements
  • Department configuration enhancements
  • New Department and Machine Calendar functionality
  • Notifications, Notes and Alerts, Text Styles
  • Data visualization with Power BI and how you can use it
  • Improvements to Kits and Assemblies
  • Preallocation and deallocation
  • Discuss future Cast House features for EPICS
  • New Scheduling features
  • Die management - Ovens, Nitriding, Correction
  • Die profitability - see the winners and the losers
  • Quality Assurance Enhancements
  • EPICS Link - how EPICS can communicate directly with shop floor systems
  • Tips and Tricks! - really helpful things that you might not know about
  • Language translations
  • Pricing adjustments - best practices for mass changes
  • Customize the EPICS interface - Ribbon, Field Chooser, Screen Layout Designer