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EPICS 9.16 is now available for download. Contains 7 wishlist items including 5 top-ten, and 16 new features and enhancements. New Quality Check Module.

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The current release of EPICS is

Foy Inc, Farmersville, Texas







About Foy Inc.

Foy Inc is dedicated to providing proven reliable computer software to the aluminum extrusion industry.  Since 1978, EPICS systems from Foy Inc have been installed in more than 100 extrusion plants in over twenty countries.  Over 1/3 of the extrusion plants in North America are now operating under Foy Inc programs.  And the majority of the extruder members of the Aluminum Extruders Council depend on EPICS to run their plants.

Since 1978, many vendors have attempted to sell specialized software to the extrusion industry.  But almost all of them are gone now, while Foy Inc is still providing support to extrusion customers worldwide.  Only Foy Inc has over thirty years of proven stability, providing dependable systems that are updated with the latest technology.  Over twenty-five of the top extruders in North America have been using the Foy system for more than ten years.

Foy Inc operates under the principle that a computer system should be designed for a specific industry, incorporating the particular requirements of that industry into the program so that minimum changes need to be made by the user.  Most other manufacturing application packages from other software vendors are written in a much generalized form so that any type of business may use them.  The user must therefore revise his way of doing business in order to match the requirements of the program, or else must make very expensive custom changes to the software.  Foy Inc customers avoid this problem. 

James H. Foy founded Foy Inc in 1978.  Prior to starting Foy Inc, Mr. Foy had eleven years of manufacturing experience in the extrusion industry, in positions ranging from Divisional Industrial Engineer for Alcoa to President of Texas Extrusion Corporation.  Techniques used in EPICS have been developed and proven in extrusion plants varying in size from a single press operation to a fifteen press plant.

Jim Foy Celebrates 50 Years Serving the Aluminum Extrusion Industy