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EPICS 9.9 is available for download! This Major Update has 13 Wishlist items and some very important fixes/improvements. Read all about it in the November EPICS Newsletter.

The current release of EPICS is

Farmersville Times recently featured Jim Foy and the Foy Inc crew for celebrating our 40th Anniversary. Check it out!







EPICS V8 Demos

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Title Description
Overview From Order Entry through Invoicing, EPICS is a complete system designed specifically for Aluminum Extruders.
Order Entry A simple, single-screen, multiple item order entry system.
Inquiring on Order Status Find comprehensive order information quickly and easily.
Press Scheduling An easy-to-use yet powerful tool for scheduling presses
Posting Production EPICS completes known data for you. Makes posting production a easy task.
Advanced Invoicing Just a few clicks and invoicing is complete.
Viewing Backlogs View loads on work-centers to assist with scheduling and planning.
Die Maintenance EPICS maintains day-to-day vital statistics of each die copy as well as an extensive die usage history.
Outside Processor EPICS manages the transfer of metal to and from outside processors, including metal that is being shipped to the customer from the processor.
Inter-Plant Transfer The Multi-Plant version of EPICS easily manages inter-plant transfers.
Enhanced Finishing Module This add-on module greatly expands on the standard paint and anodizing tools included with EPICS.
Corrective Action Module This add-on module is a powerful feature that helps maintain good customer relations by tracking customer complaints and providing tools to follow up on complaints until they are resolved.
Quote Module This add-on module makes handling quotes for customers, dies, and parts easy. All quote information can be quickly converted to real order information in EPICS.
Pricing Module This add-on module enables automatic pricing at Order Entry and Invoicing. Highly customizable and user-friendly.
Enhanced Shipping Module A great tool for planning shipments, generating shipment picklists, and barcode scanning packing tickets onto trucks or containers to mark as shipped.