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April 14-17
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EPICS 9.16 is now available for download. Contains 7 wishlist items including 5 top-ten, and 16 new features and enhancements. New Quality Check Module.

Check out the Foy Inc Foy Inc YouTube Channel for helpful videos on everything EPICS

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See the many features of version 9.16

The current release of EPICS is

Foy Inc, Farmersville, Texas








Request the 50-page detailed EPICS brochure

Does your current extrusion computer system allow you to...

  • Email order acknowledgements and invoices?
  • Email shipping paperwork before the truck leaves the plant, night or day?
  • Automatically respond to customer email requests for order status?
  • Print custom bar-coded packing tickets to meet each customer's requirements?
  • Track each barload through anodizing?
  • Post press data collection?
  • Display die drawings, packing photos, and fab notes with a single mouse click?
  • Handle reserved press time for your major customers?
  • Adjust prices for your LME or Midwest customers in one easy step?
  • and much, much more...

If not, it's time to take a look at EPICS, the world's most popular extrusion software, from Foy Inc.

If your plant has 10 presses or one, there is a version of EPICS to fit your needs and your budget. (For pricing examples, download the detailed brochure.)

EPICS is the result of fourty one years of development by Foy Inc with the direct input of the many extruders that have used the software. Since 1978, Foy has been installing computer systems in extrusion plants worldwide. EPICS is a system that combines Foy's 50+ years experience in the extrusion industry with the best thoughts of over 100 extruders using Foy systems. EPICS includes features requested by extruders in 28 US states and 15 countries worldwide.

EPICS provides the extruder with a complete computerized production system. It covers order entry through invoicing, and handles virtually all production control and management requirements in between.

An EPICS license includes on-site installation, customizing, user training, and three months of on-line support. An annual software support policy provides regular updates, as well as telephone support.

EPICS is a client/server application, designed around a relational database management system (RDMS). This means that all of the information within EPICS is easily available to users using a variety of third-party products. For example, a user can import any EPICS information directly into a spreadsheet. Users may also generate their own reports, using products such as Seagate Crystal Reports. Users may also create their own databases using information from EPICS through products such as Microsoft Access.

EPICS runs under Microsoft Windows, the most popular computer-operating environment today. Any user who is used to running Windows applications will have no problem becoming familiar with EPICS, since it uses all of the normal Windows standards.

EPICS simplifies and improves most of the functions of an extrusion office. Its major features include:

  • Single-screen Order Entry
  • Optional automatic pricing
  • Credit Release
  • Prints Customer Acknowledgments and Sales Orders
  • Prints Bookings Report
  • Maintains press and other departmental backlogs
  • Provides tools for press scheduling
  • Calculates and prints production work orders
  • Single entry updates of die history, press history, customer history, and order status
  • Prints Rack Tags at press
  • Prints daily press production reports
  • Prints historical comparisons of press production data, including Month-to-date and Year-to-date information
  • Maintains history on all dies
  • Displays AutoCad or scanned die drawings with a single "click" on a die number
  • Produces die exception reports, such as dies running over weight, dies with low pounds per hour, or dies with low recoveries
  • Keeps billet inventory by alloy, type, diameter, and length
  • Relieves billet inventory automatically from press report
  • Keeps track of billet on order
  • Tracks historical billet usage
  • Compares billet requirements with billet on-hand and on-order
  • Generates detailed production reports for each department
  • Prints packing tickets
  • "Fill from Stock" feature in order entry
  • Prints shipping manifests
  • Allows inquiry on the current status of any order
  • Calculates and prints invoices
  • Maintains customer sales history
  • Maintains sales history by die
  • Provides "traceability" from billet cast numbers through shipping

For more detailed information, including pricing, please request the 50-page detailed EPICS brochure.