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EPICS 9.16 is now available for download. Contains 7 wishlist items including 5 top-ten, and 16 new features and enhancements. New Quality Check Module.

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Capacity Planning Module

Capacity Planning is an optional EPICS module that provides a real-time view of available capacity in any production department. This gives production planners advanced warning of potential bottlenecks, enabling them to proactively reallocate time and resources to improve on-time performance. It also gives order entry personnel a much more realistic estimate of delivery dates for new orders based on production requirements for each new item.

You can quickly configure EPICS to determine the effective capacity for each production department and machine in the plant. Then, using data from all open sales orders, reserves, and unposted orders, the Capacity Planning Module calculates the time required to complete each job. Subtracting these from the effective capacity provides the remaining capacity available to future orders.