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EPICS 9.17 is now available for download. Contains 8 wishlist items, many new features, and new Casthouse Module.

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Casthouse Module
Shared Machines
34 new features in version 9.17

The current release of EPICS is

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EPICS Connect

EPICS Connect: Order Status - Bringing EPICS to Customers

Extrusion customers often want to be able to quickly and easily check the status of their orders in progress. This can result in customer service staff spending time responding to the same basic questions over and over again. EPICS Connect gives extruders a way to make real time order status information available to their customers through an online portal.

Extruders can choose which information to make available through EPICS Connect. EPICS Connect uses several database views that can be customized as needed to change what information about orders and items is accessible to users.

EPICS Connect accounts can be created based on a salesperson code, customer group, or specific customer in order to ensure a given login can see all of the information they should be able to view and none of the information they shouldn't.

It is also possible to add reports to EPICS Connect. Reports can be configured to run for either a single customer or for all customers a user can view data for. It is also possible to choose which users are allowed to run a given report and which aren't. Web users with permission to use a report can request to have it automatically generated and either request to have it emailed to them or presented as a download directly from the EPICS Connect website.

EPICS Connect: Outside Processors ? Closing the Loop

EPICS Connect also allows extruders to gain more detailed information from their outside processors. EPICS Connect can be used with some outside processors while still handling other outside processors normally, allowing extruders to use the system only with outside processors that are willing to use the system.

Outside Processor accounts in EPICS Connect can see material that has been shipped to them and mark it as received and then post an update when the material has been shipped back. They can also use EPICS Connect to add production notes, report if any pieces are scrapped, and easily split tickets if they arrive or need to be shipped back in multiple batches.

Outside Processor accounts are also able to view information about orders that have the relevant outside processor in the routing in order to better prepare for upcoming material. Like with the Order Status features, all of the information shown to outside processors can be customized by the extruder to ensure that outside processors are able to see exactly the information that is relevant to them.