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Registration is now available for EUC 2018. Join us in Vegas as we celebrate 40 years of excellence in the aluminum extrusion industry! Get the EUC 2018 Brochure.

The November EPICS newsletter is now available. This newsletter contains the details of the EPICS 9.7.1 minor update now availalable for download, EUC 2018, Foy Holiday Schedule, and EPICS training opportunities.

The current release of EPICS is







Finishing Module

Watch a demonstration video.

While paint and anodizing production can be posted as described above (quantities, times, and scrap), the EPICS Enterprise Edition offers the optional Enhanced Finishing Module that creates additional functionality for these two areas.

For anodizing, the racking crew can easily view what material is available to be anodized, and can then specify what material they load onto each rack. As the rack is created, EPICS will keep them informed of the total area on the rack, and warn if excess material is loaded. At any time, a list of all racks (partial and full) can be displayed. So on the unrack end of the line, the crew can just select the appropriate rack and click the Complete box when it is unloaded. Information on all items on that rack will then be posted into EPICS.

In addition to providing expanded production reporting capabilities, the Finishing Module maintains paint and solvent inventory records. These inventory records are created as received, with a record for each barrel showing ID, manufacturer, date received, quantity, etc. As solvents are added or colors mixed, you can post transfers so that the inventory of each container shows all components added.

The paint portion of the Enhanced Finishing Module include a screen for creating a 'run', or a list of Sales Order Items that are to be painted a certain color. This screen can be created at the time extrusions are loaded onto the paint line, or it can be created earlier by the person scheduling the line.

As the run progresses, material consumption and downtime information can be added as required. As extrusions are unloaded from the line, each item can be checked off, and the order status will be immediately updated. Rack tags can be printed at the same time.

When all items on a run have been unloaded, the paint consumed will be posted against the inventory, and the production times and downtimes will be posted to a production table.

At the end of each run, the EPICS database contains the information necessary to calculate coverage, paint usage for each item, VOC reports, etc.

Data concerning scrap and rework is also handled by this module.