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Latest News

EPICS 9.9 is available for download! This Major Update has 13 Wishlist items and some very important fixes/improvements. Read all about it in the November EPICS Newsletter.

The current release of EPICS is

Farmersville Times recently featured Jim Foy and the Foy Inc crew for celebrating our 40th Anniversary. Check it out!









These 45 to 60 minute webinars are designed to help with making the transition from EPICS V8 to V9. This is a convenient and very low-cost method for training personnel on specific tasks.

If there is a topic that you would like to see included in a future webinar series, please send an email to let us know at or call us at 972-782-7282.


Send an email to indicating the class in which you would like to participate, or give us a call at 972-782-7282.

To join a webinar session, you will need a high-speed internet connection and either a good set of microphone and speakers attached to your computer or a telephone.


$50 per login. So, gather a group around a large monitor. Or better yet, use a video projector in a conference room.


(Central Time)


EPICS V9 Basics

This webinar will help you to find your way around the new interface and features of EPICS V9.

  • Intuitive ribbon with newly organized tabs
  • User friendly 'smart' control panel
  • Improved ways to find and manage data
  • New drop down menus replacing right-click look up tables
  • Data filtering options
  • Entering and viewing data (with enhanced data validation)
  • Right-Click options


Customer Service

Discover the V9 improvements and enhancements for customer service related tasks.

  • Entering and posting orders
  • Enhanced Sales Order screen (combined SOItem and SO screen)
  • Easily access order info from Order Inquiry screen
  • Cancel and restore orders (new order status code)
  • Delete sales orders


Production Control

Learn the new and enhanced V9 tools for planning and managing the production of orders.

  • Enhanced backlog screen including available racks
  • Press and downstream department scheduling with new drag and drop chart view
  • Entirely new way of handling reserves
  • Calculate workorders - standard, master, and optimized master workorders



Posting Production

This webinar will walk you through the enhanced production screens in V9 and display the improved data control to help reduce user error.

  • Posting press production
  • Posting Cutback production
  • Posting downstream departments (including the optional paint and anodizing features)
  • Enhanced Print New Tickets screen for packing tickets, stock, reallocation, scrap, rework, and downtime.
  • Standard and Enhanced Shipping.



Discover the deeper level of administrative controls in EPICS V9.

  • Permissions and Users: new levels and locations of permissions
  • Enhanced user profile options
  • Configuration settings (no more epics2k.ini or e2knet.ini)
  • Calendar: manage production calendar by department (and by press for the extrude department)
  • Review Manage Database Menu
  • Quick access to lookup tables
  • Customize the new ribbon.